Oct 11 2018 15:36
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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The 12th international career and education exhibition started in Baku. Every year it brings together more and more participants. This year more than 130 universities and companies from 12 countries presented their proposals at the exhibition.  Numerous stands at the exhibition feature the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan.

 “We present various projects, such as innovations in the teaching of computer science in schools, in addition, the introduction of robotics, both in extracurricular activities and in the school curriculum. I want to note that today robotics is already included in the program of the subject "computer science" in 20 schools. In the future, the introduction of elements of robotics in the course of school lessons in physics is expected,” representative of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Vusal Khanlarov said.

A wide range of innovative systems for schools and universities are also presented by foreign companies.

 “Today we are presenting educational robotics at the exhibition, which includes such technologies as computer vision and neurotechnology. In my hands, I hold a tank that is controlled by a neural interface that is connected to my head. Now I’m picking up the alpha rhythm, this rhythm goes on in my head, when I start to relax, either I think, or some kind of brain activity goes on, you see, it starts to twitch a little, because I’m telling and the system records the presence of an alpha rhythm,” Dmitry Ustinsky, participant from Russia said.

At the exhibition "Education and Career" you can get the most detailed information about undergraduate and master's foreign programs, as well as talk with representatives of domestic universities.

 “The National Aviation Academy is an educational institution that trains personnel for Azerbaijani civil aviation, and the certification of our students will allow them to work outside the country. We are preparing both the flight crew and the ground part, that is, maintenance, air traffic control and so on. During training, students can both receive a specialty and develop their technical and creative abilities. All models that are presented here are made by our students, all of them are real copies, small samples of planes,” Akbar Aliyev, Senior Lecturer at National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan said.

Within the exhibition, trainings, lectures and seminars will be held at the Baku Expo Center. The exhibition will last until October 13.



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