Oct 12 2017 18:05
Turbet Baghirova
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Scouting has a great role in the development of young people, and there are all necessary conditions for the popularity of scouting in Azerbaijan, said Ilyas Ismayilli, the head of the Azerbaijan Scouts Association at the event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Scouting in Azerbaijan. The event also discussed the outcomes of the 13th World Scout Forum and the 41st World Scout Conference held in Azerbaijan in August of this year. Ilyas Ismayilli stressed that the       Azerbaijani scouts are selected by their skills, and represent Azerbaijan decently in the international arena.

Over the last 5 years, we have held more than 300 events, and have ensured the involvement of 4000-5000 young Azerbaijani people and at the same time, foreign guests attended our events. At the same time, it is hard to speak about the statistics of 20 years. However, we can speak about the last 5 years’ statistics. Thus, we have managed to ensure the attendance of about 400 Azerbaijani youngsters and children at the events organized abroad, said Ilyas Ismayilli.

Stressing the importance of the 41st World Scout Conference held in Azerbaijan, Ilyas Ismayilli reminded that this huge event brought together 1500 scouts from 166 countries. The head of the Association said that the number of people joining the Scouts Association is rapidly increasing. The young people themselves put forward challenging and interesting initiatives, and implement new programs. This tendency is growing not only in Baku, but also in other cities and villages of Azerbaijan, and through this, we are raising awareness among the local people, said the head of the Azerbaijani Scouting.

Some time ago, I heard about the World Scout Conference held in Baku.  After that, I showed interest, and found out that it was something new. Many people from different countries came here. It was really interesting.  We met people from different cultural backgrounds. They found Baku and overall our country very interesting, and we explained to them everything about our country. We had an enjoyable time, young scout Alp Aliyev said.  

Firstly, I attended the conference as a volunteer in July, and after understanding what scouting was all about, I decided to join this movement. The main purpose in scouting is keeping the environment clean and serving the nature, young scout Mehri Gulamova said.

These young scouts are giving message of peace, serenity and welfare with a focus of saving the universal values. By raising three fingers in the air, they express their respect towards the three main principles: such as the self-dependency of individuals, faithfulness and benevolence. 

Scouting contributes to the personal development of youngsters and children. They do not idle away, and always work on themselves. There are 5 identified development directions: a scout’s intellectual development, physical readiness, social and spiritual development. We do a lot of activites together. We go riding, play intellectual games, help people, carry out various activities and programs, leader scout Rugiya Mammadova said.

The Scout Movement, first founded by Lord Baden-Powell in 1907, plays a great and indispensable role in the educational process and daily life of the modern young generation. Just for more than 100 years, the movement has united more than 500 million scouts. Nowadays, the World Organization of Scout Movement is represented by more than 400 millions active members from more than 200 countries.

Scouting itself is aimed at supporting the young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development.

The Azerbaijan Scouts Association was established in October of 1997. Headquartered in the heart of Baku,  the National Scout Assocation has for the past 20 years developed its organizational structure, enhanced its management system, launched and implemented major projects, as well as organized annual international camps. The active promotion and development of Scouting in Azerbaijan, has led to a significant growth of Scouting in Baku and its neighboring regions.

Most recently, Azerbaijan hosted the 41st World Scout Conference and 13th World Scout Youth Forum.  

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