Aug 09 2018 15:32
Elshad Aliyev
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The 7th international summer school of multiculturalism titled "10 Years of the Baku Process: Contribution to the Development of Intercultural Dialogue" has completed its work. This year the school hosted 35 students of leading universities from 30 countries. At the end of the program, participants received certificates, souvenirs and memorabilia from the Baku International Center for Multiculturalism, which is the organizer of the summer school. According to the participants, the time spent in Azerbaijan within the framework of the summer school was very productive. Each of them discovered something new, and most importantly - learned a lot of interesting things about multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.

I think that I learned a lot about Azerbaijan's multiculturalism, I saw with my own eyes an example of this, when in one territory there is both a church and a synagogue nearby, this is very interesting. In addition, we visited an Albanian church, which was very memorable, considering that it was something like a pagan temple, after that it became a church. It was very interesting to meet various people, representatives of various religions, I'm basically interested in religions, so it was interesting for me to visit both the synagogue and the church, in general we visited a fairly large number of churches . We enjoyed the wonderful nature of Azerbaijan, it was very interesting, summer school partıcıpant from Russıa Olga Bykova said.

According to the participants, the summer school gave them not only a lot of new knowledge, but also unforgettable impressions, which they will take home, dreaming of returning again.

We can talk a lot about the impressions. We liked everything, we saw a lot of sights, we met with your people, yes, not only with Azerbaijanis, but also with other representatives of national minorities. You have a wonderful nature, the sea. Today we were at the sea, and got sunburn. It's just the most wonderful, the warmest sea I've ever seen in my life, summer school partıcıpant from Belarus Olga Pavlyukovıch said.

Within the framework of the educational program, the participants of the summer school met with representatives of various ethnic and religious communities living in Azerbaijan, known state and religious figures. The students visited Oguz, Sheki, Gabala, Ismayilli and other regions of Azerbaijan, famous for their historical, architectural and religious monuments. Participants of the school note that now they were among the friends of Azerbaijan, promising to return to this hospitable country, where they felt as warm as at home.

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