Nov 09 2018 13:25
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Production of national products and business formation in the country are considered to be one of the priorities of the state policy. In this regard, ABAD, a legal entity established under the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations, is one of the most successful projects in recent years in terms of production and processing of agricultural products and increasing self-employment in the regions.

Overall, 320 ABAD families produce their own products in the ABAD centers operating in 5 regions of Azerbaijan. "ABAD Factory" Production Complex, which started functioning in Guba, will help several more families build their own businesses.

The complex is equipped with modern buildings and equipment. The complex has a production capacity of 140 kilograms of dried fruits, 110 kilograms confectionery, 12000 bottles of compotes, a thousand liters of milk, and 600 kilograms of meat in a day.

 “Earlier, I was preparing it in my own farm. My equipment was very primitive. The equipment here is the most up-to-date. This gives me an opportunity to produce a lot of quality products. The ABAD has helped me to deal with the hardest things I was facing before, which is the product documentation, that is, getting a certificate and license. Previously, I had a lot of difficulties, but now ABAD helps me on sale. It organizes sales at the biggest shopping centers,” ABAD member Adalat Niftaliyev told CBC.

Two ABAD families with 30 members in total will be working in the production site by shifting. Thus, up to 30 citizens will be employed as workers of the legal entity ABAD. Additionally, the production requires the introduction of new ABAD members that will provide manufacturers with raw materials, which in turn, will create an opportunity for 70-80 families living in the regions to receive employment and get additional income.    

"Food truck park" was established in front of "Guba ABAD Factory" within the framework of "ABAD Gastro Village" project implemented by ABAD legal entity. The "ABAD Gastro Village" project implemented by means of wheeled trailers allows the project to be successful, because it has the ability to operate mobile in different regions of the country, mainly in the northern regions, and they are attractive in terms of design.

Today, ABAD reviews and analyzes most of the applications from its official websites.

 “We are checking the production capacity of each applicant on the site. If we determine that the person will be able to cope with this, we are trying to organize the sale of his products,” Director of ABAD Center public legal entity Rufat Elchiyev said.    

ABAD was created by the presidential decree dated September 23, 2016. The Center carries out socially oriented projects aimed at ensuring the active participation of the citizens in the social-economic life of Azerbaijan, developing small and medium entrepreneurship, raising the employment rate of the population and supporting the establishment of competitive family businesses in the country.


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