Nov 13 2017 18:25
Turbet Baghirova
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Armenia expects Israel to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide, Foreign Minister of this country Edward Nalbanyan said in an interview with the Israeli Public Television. “This issue has been and remains a part of our agenda. Many scholars and politicians believe that a timely and an adequate condemnation of the Armenian Genocide would have helped to prevent many other genocidal crimes”, said Armenian Foreign Minister. Israel does not recognize the so-called Armenian genocide, Israeli expert in international relations Arye Gut said in an interview with CBC. According to him, genuine national interests of Israel should be taken into account, not the wishes of the Armenian lobby.

“The official position of the State of Israel, the head of the Israeli government, the Foreign Ministry indicate that Israel does not recognize the events of 1915 as a genocide. In due time, patriarch of the Israeli politics Shimon Peres said that he could not compare the tragedy of 1915 with the Holocaust- the most terrible tragedy, during  which the Jewish people suffered and 6 million people were killed as a result,” Israeli expert Arye Gut said.

Arye Gut considers that the fact that the Armenian leadership personally participated in the installation of the statue to the Nazi collaborationist Garegin Nzhdeh in May 2016 should not be forgotten. This Armenian Nazi organized ethnic cleansings of the Azerbaijani population in the beginning of the XX century and during the 2nd World War led a legion that destroyed tens of thousands of Jews. The issue of recognizing the so-called genocide in the Knesset is raised by the Armenian lobby periodically. The last discussions on this topic were conducted in July 2016. However, it is not possible to achieve a positive result for the Armenians.

“I think this will not happen. On the one hand, we know how strained the political relations are between Turkey and Israel today, and on the other hand, we know how excellent the strategic relations are between Azerbaijan and Israel. In my opinion, Israel will not indulge in the Armenian lobby. Because Israel has no obligations to the Armenian people,” Arye Gut said.

Israel perfectly sees the attitude towards Jews both in Azerbaijan and in Armenia. While there has never been a single sign of anti-Semitism  in Azerbaijan, Jews were persecuted and expelled along with Azerbaijanis, Russians  in the end of the last century in Armenia. According to the Anti-Defamation League based in the USA, Armenia takes the first place in terms of anti-Semitism in the post-soviet space. This is the reality of the Armenia-Israel relations and additional comments are unnecessary, Israeli expert Arye Gut underscored. 

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