Apr 20 2017 19:45
Elshad Aliyev
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The current situation in Nagorno-Karabakh is the tragedy of mankind, said American historian Christopher Gann. He emphasized that weapons are still rattling on the contact line, despite the fact that 23 years have passed since the signing of the agreement on a ceasefire.

Over the past year and a half, the number of shootouts have increased. The international community’s inactivity in the peaceful solution of the conflict remains a puzzle. The United States, Russia and the OSCE are working in this direction, but the work done is not consistent, and these initiatives are not supported, said American historian Christopher Gunn.

According to Christopher Gunn, the Karabakh conflict would be difficult to solve. However, the settlement of the conflict is of great importance for the establishment of peace and security in the region. In this view, any delay in the settlement of the conflict is unacceptable.

I hope that the world community would make every effort for the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. It should be taken into account that 20% of the Azerbaijani territories have been occupied by the troops of another country, and this cannot continue like this, American historian Christopher Gunn  said.

It should be noted that Cristopher Gunn is the author of studies on the Armenian terrorism. The historian said that in 1970-80s, when the members of the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA and Dashnaks were subject to persecutions in Europe, Armenia invited them to the country, and provided them with a shelter. Some of these individuals participated in the Karabakh war, creating armed groups with the support of the Armenian diaspora and volunteers.

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