Feb 14 2018 12:27
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Armenian demographers call the situation in the country uncontrollable. The number of marriages is declining; families do not want to have a third or fourth child. The able-bodied youth seeks to leave Armenia. According to Naira Zohrabyan, head of the permanent parliamentary commission for European integration, if the facts published by the Armenian authorities were in line with the real situation, then there would not be such a rate of change of citizenship and migration. The natural process that is taking place in Armenia, and the policy of official Yerevan is to blame for this, professor Azad Rzayev considers.

The professor stressed that Armenia's current policy towards the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is completely failing. Falsified published statistics on the standard of living, purchasing power, employment of the population resemble the behavior of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand. The professor stresses that the demands of the Armenian population for their own authorities to change the situation were easily predictable, and they are quite legitimate and justified.

“Those processes that occur, they could be predicted. The discontent of the population by the Armenian government and the president, could be predicted 20 years ago. The Armenian government considers itself more successful in conducting the so-called Karabakh policy, but they do not understand that there is no end. Frankly speaking, they are approaching to the dead end,” Azad Rzayev said.

The professor also stressed that some Armenian political scientists and experts have high hopes for a possible change in the state system of Armenia: the transformation of the country from the presidential to a parliamentary republic. Rzayev considers that the only way out for Yerevan in this situation is in the withdrawal of the Armenian Armed Forces from the Azerbaijani lands. After that, great prospects will open up for the Armenians. He also stressed that the further development of the currently occupied lands does not pose a problem for Azerbaijan.

The scientist drew attention to the fact that earlier, in the 19th century, Armenians wanted to move to the hospitable land of Azerbaijan in the hope of finding a better place for a quiet and fruitful life, the modern policy of the Armenian authorities deprived them of this. All attempts at domestic reforms in Armenia without resolving the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh in accordance with international documents and resolutions are doomed to failure, as the ongoing blockade of Armenia contributes to the impoverishment of the population and, as a result, destabilization of the situation. This, in turn, causes an increasing outflow of population from the country, and this leads to a demographic crisis, which in turn puts the issue of the very existence of the Armenian state at stake.




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