Apr 21 2017 10:43
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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U.S. interested in protection of oil and gas production and the global energy market. The United States will maintain their interest in encouraging open trade in the energy market.

In this regard America's leading experts discussed the energy-related problems encountered by Trump's administration at an event held in Atlantic Council.

At the event, former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar and experts on oil and gas in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe expressed an opinion about the diversification of oil and gas supplies. Morningstar said in an interview with CBC TV’s Washington Bureau that the international energy governance really is an important issue.

He said that today the gas coming from the Caspian and offshore Azerbaijan is critically important to create diversification of supply, particularly in Europe with respect to gas.

Morningstar also expressed hope that there will be Turkmen gas that would get into the Southern Gas Corridor. Whether it will happen or not, we will see. Certainly, it has been a long process. There is a possibility of gas coming from Kurdish areas of Iraq. Eastern Mediterranean has tremendous resources, that will ultimately work its way to the pipeline system, he underscored. 

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