Feb 19 2019 11:35
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Azerbaijan was presented at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show held on February 16-17, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Attended by over 30,000 visitors, the Show is the largest travel show in the United States.

 Sponsored and organized by the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles, the Azerbaijan booth, titled “Azerbaijan: Everlasting Heritage, Inspirational Harmony,” offered the attendees comprehensive information about Azerbaijan’s ancient history, rich culture and cuisine, tourism potential, multifaith harmony, traditions of multiculturalism and tolerance as well as steady development as an independent nation. Various video clips showcasing Azerbaijan’s natural beauties, landscapes, unique history, cultural diversity and architecture were demonstrated in the booth. Colorful national costumes of Azerbaijan worn by members of the Azerbaijani community received much acclaim.

“We are sufficiently informed at the exhibition about this beautiful country - Azerbaijan. We have heard about your cuisine, amazing architecture and famous horses. The Azerbaijan stand attracted a lot of attention of the exhibition visitors. Your country has something to tell and show the world,” Los Angeles residents Mark and Michelle Ingrim said.         

The Azerbaijan booth also presented Azerbaijan’s ancient Karabakh region and informed the Show visitors about this historical part of the country. The banner ”Karabakh: Crown Jewel of Azerbaijan”, featured in the booth, attracted much attention of the Show visitors. Showcasing picturesque nature of Karabakh, the banner also features Karabakh’s history, its historical Azerbaijani monuments, such as the Shusha Walls, Govharagha Mosque, Ganjasar Caucasian Albanian Monastery, as well as the Karabakh carpets, the Mugham music school, and the Karabakh horses and cuisine.

A booklet, which includes information on all these features of Karabakh, published by the Consulate General, was distributed in the booth. The brochure also highlights the current situation in Karabakh, which has been under illegal military occupation by neighboring Armenia since over 26 years. Referring to a travel warning by the U.S. State Department, the brochure cautions Americans to avoid any travel to this region.



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