Jan 10 2019 17:57
Turbet Baghirova
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Azerbaijani citizens pay business and tourist trips to different countries every day. Naturally, travelling abroad without time loss or visa stress is a desire of every single person. Therefore, tourists mainly choose to travel to visa-free countries. According to the updated Passport Index global ranking prepared by the company Henley and Partners, Azerbaijani citizens can visit 66 countries in a visa-free regime. Last year, this figure was 63. Tourism experts say that about 4 million Azerbaijani citizens travel abroad every year.

“Naturally, most of the visa-free countries are the CIS countries. At the same time, Azerbaijani citizens can remain in those countries for a certain period of time. 9 countries are CIS countries. But there are also other countries that Azerbaijani citizens can travel in a visa-free regime. Turkey and Iran has unilaterally abolished the visa regime for the Azerbaijani citizens. There are also many visits to Montenegro and Macedonia,” President of International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals Jeyhun Ashurov said.

“Of course, one of the most popular visa-free countries for Azerbaijani citizens is Turkey. It has remained unchanged for many years. However, new places are also included in the list. So, the Maldives and the Seychelles are preferred tourist places during summer vacations. In addition, the CIS countries and Georgia are among the most popular destinations,” Communications Manager at Pasha Travel Ulviyya Akif said.

Tourism services in visa-free European countries are also cheaper compared with others.  Mainly people visit Montenegro. Taking this into account, tourism companies offer different tour packages to this country.

“We organized charter flights to Montenegro in 2018 and it lasted for 3 months. We consider that it was quite successful and intend to continue this project in 2019 as well,” Ulviyya Akif added.

Notably, Azerbaijan has strengthened its position in the Passport Index Global ranking. At the same time, Azerbaijan has risen by one notch in the Passport Index and ranks 74th out of 104 countries. Tourism experts consider that this is a quite positive result. They believe that the strengthening of Azerbaijan’s position in global ranking will increase the number of citizens visiting foreign countries. In turn, this will expand the interstate relations, as well as consolidate the economic ties.

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