Nov 08 2018 10:51
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Azerbaijan will start the Command-Staff War Games on Nov. 12 as part of the operational training of troops, the Defense Ministry said in a message.

The primary goal of the Command-Staff War Games is to check and improve the level of interaction between commanding bodies in various types of military operations conducted in real life conditions.

The war games will involve the strategic, operational, operational-tactical and tactical commanding bodies, various types of troops and special forces.

During the war games, practical actions will be worked out with the use of the newest, including space technologies of the Azerbaijani army for continuous commanding, interaction, fast data transmission and quick decision-making in accordance with the situation.

Azerbaijan, which is in war with the neighboring Armenia that has occupied 20 percent of its territory, continuously strengthens its military power and defense capabilities to ensure its national security, response to risks in the region, and restoring territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Azerbaijan's military budget exceeds Armenia's state budget by several times.  The Azerbaijani Army continues to achieve NATO standards and is strengthened with modern weapons which are its sovereign rights. The country produces weaponry and buys ammunitions abroad.



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