Jan 12 2019 12:55
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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America's Got Talent: The Champions television show, which premiered this week, was remembered for its bright numbers, including the performance of Azerbaijani Uzeyir Novruzov. The contestants included finalists and outstanding participants of the America's Got Talent project of the past years.

“From all the previous shows they collected the winners and those who were at the final. And of course I also was among them. This is serious enough, this is a great compliment for me and I am pleased that I even performed once. This is super to be among the most talented people,” circus performer said.

Back in 2015, circus performer Uzeyir Novruzov, who lives in the United States, took part in America's Got Talent show. Then the victory was prevented by a fall from the ladder right during the performance.

“In the semifinal, as you all know, I was injured and I could not fully perform in the final, but despite this, they voted for me and wanted to see me again and again. They called me and offered to perform again and I agreed with great pleasure,” he added.

During the last performance Uzeyir Novruzov did not fall down from the ladder and it caused a real sensation, however, he failed to pass into the next stage.

“I was not even upset, because I am going further, in the sense that I have other projects. In the near future I will go to the New Year's gala in China, this is a very serious event,” Novruzov said.       

Uzeyir Novruzov also notes great support from his compatriots, who tirelessly wrote him words of encouragement and inspiration.

 “As soon as it was posted on Youtube, there were a lot of warm words, especially from fellow countrymen. The fact that they posted the video on YouTube, there are no results there, and many unfortunately think that I will continue to perform further. Therefore, I would like to tell them that I no longer participate in this project. I am pleased with this performance. In principle, every successful performance is a victory,” he underscored.

Note that, America's Got Talent: The Champions project consists of 7 episodes. The next release of the show will take place on January 14, and the winner of the project will be determined on February 18.



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