Sep 11 2018 14:06
Turbet Baghirova
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A special revival is observed in the center of Shahrisabz - the Aghsaray square. People from all over Uzbekistan hurry up to the closing ceremony of the first International Mugham Forum. The performers participating in the competition are heading to the area, where the names of the winners will be announced. The representatives of Azerbaijan were considered favorite from the very beginning. And, the opinions of jury raised hopes for victory.

“Azerbaijani Mugham is very good. Music and vocal opportunities are wonderful. This is a competition and I cannot say what the nine jury members have decided. But, I can say for sure that Azerbaijan will definitely receive an award,” Rajesh Shah, a jury member from India said.

“As a jury member, I can say that they did their best. Their performance was spectacular. The voice of Azerbaijanis made a great impression on me. I am simply speechless,” Amir Jafar, jury member from Kuwait added.

After Uzbek music and dances, the most exciting part of the ceremony started. Firstly, names of winners in specific nominations were announced. Azerbaijan was not among them. Owners of the second and third places were also the representatives of other countries. And finally that moment arrived. The Mugham Instrumental ensemble headed by honored artist Sahib Pashazade took the first place.

Not only the Azerbaijani representatives, but also the Uzbek audience felt happy with Azerbaijani mugham singers’ victory. The jury members and Azerbaijan’s opponents recieved the victory with much applause.

“The event was organized at a very high level. Nigar Shabanova performed perfectly. She has been conferred the honorary title very recently. Abgul Mirzaliyev was also very successful and I congratulated him. I congratulate all my friends. It is twofold happiness for me.  As you know, after the last year’s “Melodies of the East” International Music Festival, Azerbaijan succeeded this year as well. As a musician and an ordinary citizen, I feel very happy,” Art director of Mugham Ensemble Sahib Pashazade said.

“This victory is about the greatness of Azerbaijani Mugham. Today, we are representing Azerbaijani Mugham here. Nigar Shabanova, the Mugham ensemble, and me, our leader Sahib Pashazade have achieved this success altogether,” Mugham singer Abgul Mirzaliyev said.

The representatives of 30 countries performed the marvelous patterns of their national music within 3 days. Many other musicians, who were not involved in the competition also made their performances.

“Every two years, we will hold such a forum in this 2700-year-old ancient city, where the monarchs ruled. I invite my Azerbaijani colleagues and friends to this city. Greetings to Azerbaijan,” Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Bakhtiyar Seyfullayev stressed.

Thus, the first International Shahrisabz Mugham Forum came to an end. The Mugham instrumental ensemble conquered the hearts of the spectators and left unforgettable impressions on the audience.

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