Apr 14 2018 16:31
Turbet Baghirova
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The Azerbaijani people made their choice in the presidential election by taking into account the successful policy of the state conducted over the past 15 years. Member of Milli Majlis Tahir Rzayev says that during the last years, millions of jobs have been opened in the country and Azerbaijan is known not only as an agricultural, but also as an industrial country in the world. Thus, the number of industrial enterprises has increased in Azerbaijan and important projects in the field of oil and gas export are being implemented.

“Implementation of all these projects is important for the future welfare of the population, because billions of dollars will flow into the country, and this is essential for improving people’s living conditions. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, first of all, provided security and created stability. Let’s remember the April wars. The Azerbaijani army delivered a crushing blow to the enemy,” Member of Milli Majlis Tahir Rzayev said.

This election was another successful experience in the electoral process of Azerbaijan. Numerous reports prepared by local and international observers once again confirm it. Thus, the reports indicate that the electoral process proceeded in a transparent and democratic way.

“With this election, the independent Azerbaijan Republic has taken a further step towards democracy. Every time, the election is held, our election technology improves, the voter turnout increases. I think this is an important factor. It was an expression of state-citizen-nation unity. I also would like to emphasize that the elections were democratic and the electoral behavior was at a high level. All the rivals congratulated the winner and this is an indicator of electoral culture,” Member of Milli Majlis Musa Guliyev said.

Experts believe that Ilham Aliyev’s re-election as the head of state will lead to the successful development of the country and the result of the election confirms that the Azerbaijani people fully support the foreign policy course carried out by the state over the course of past years.

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