Jul 24 2018 18:22
Elshad Aliyev
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Agreements signed between "Azersu" of Azerbaijan and French SUEZ Group "On operational training, transfer of know-hows and technical assistance" and "On intentions for management of water and water losses in Sumgayit city" are intended to benefit the health of Azerbaijani citizens, as well as to use the country's water resources more usefully. This was voiced in an exclusive interview with the CBC by head of the public relations department of the Azersu open joint-stock company Anar Jabrayilli. According to him, the experience of French companies will help Azerbaijan create a better water supply system and ensure agriculture with clean water. 

First of all, these agreements provide for the safety of water resources. We will cooperate with SUEZ Group in the field of water treatment, both potable and non-potable water. In addition, the SUEZ Group should develop a Master Plan, which will help analyze the already implemented projects and works to be carried out. A long-term strategy will also be determined. In addition, “Azersu” personnel will be involved in educational and training activities, head of public relations department Anar Jabrayilli said.

Director General of Caspian Group Holdings Rob Sobhani believes that the agreements signed during the visit of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to France show that Azerbaijan is open for business. According to him, the transfer of technology and know-hows from French companies is important for Azerbaijan's long-term economic growth, and the most important aspects of the Azerbaijani economy are the stability and the protection of foreign investments. Department Head of "Azersu" OJSC Anar Jabrayilli is sure that these agreements would bring new foreign investments to the Azerbaijani economy and raise the qualification of the company's employees.

Certainly, the signed contracts between SUEZ Group and “Azersu” OJSC will be very productive in management of water resources of the country, and this will bring new economic opportunities to Azerbaijan. This document, this cooperation will also allow to reduce the clay particles in water, create optimal management of the water supply department and determine it on the basis of the agreement, improve the quality of the services rendered, and also contribute to the development of water supply and sewerage systems in Sumgayit, head of public relations department Anar Jabrayilli said.

According to Anar Jabrayilli, “Azersu” plans to continue the cooperation with the French company, in particular, cooperation in the management of water resources and prevention of water losses in Sumgait.

By the end of this year, the SUEZ Group and “Azersu” will prepare a new agreement, in which specific details on projects will be agreed upon. Most likely, in January of 2019, work will begin, together with the French partners, to prevent the loss of water resources in the city of Sumgait. All the details will be known after the signing of the contract, head of public relations department Anar Jabrayilli said.

Note that during the visit of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to France, a number of agreements were signed with French companies worth more than $ 2 billion.

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