Sep 13 2018 17:01
Turbet Baghirova
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Baku hosts the 18th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and Stability. The conference brings together scientists from 37 countries of the world. The event, supported by Azerbaijan Robotics and Automation Society and the International Federation of Automatic Control will feature nine plenary sessions within three days. During the sessions 200 articles, which were selected by the international observers will be presented. Azerbaijani scholars also have the right to participate and vote at international congresses within this influential organization.

“Almost 50 of 200 articles have been accepted by Azerbaijani scientists. The main point for our country is that their articles are indexed in big scientific databases.  This is a perpetual investment for us. The more these articles are used, the higher the ratings of these scholars will rise in the international rankings,” Chair of Azerbaijan Robotics and Automation Society Bahadur Ibrahimov said.

“Azerbaijan is a very important member of our International Federation of Automotive Control. For many years, there has been not a single national member of Organization from Azerbaijan. This year, we have ARAS, the Azerbaijan Robotics and Automation Society as a member of IFAC and we are very proud. It is even spectacular that in its very first year we such an important event like TECIS is organized here in Baku. Of course, secondly, we have this high caliber scientific event here. I think we can look forward to very interesting presentations and to very stimulating discussions. And, we can bring science a step further in the area of international stability, culture and technology,” IFAC President Frank Allgower added.

The conference is aimed at introducing new research results, exchanging new ideas, experiences and bringing together scientists and academicians form different areas. Most of  the articles presented at the conference covered the areas of robotics, automation, humanoid robots, and other areas of great importance for the modern-day world. In addition, the panels will involve the discussions on the latest achievements.

“I think it is a great experience. It is an added value for me. It is also a good hub to meet people and researchers not only from my field, but also from other fields. Today everything is going to be interdisciplinary. So, it is very important to meet some other researchers from other disciplines and come up with some ideas. Maybe in the future, we can do some work with them,” Valmir Hoxma, the conference participant said.

More than 100 students attended the conference. They are provided with the articles presented to the discussions of panels. Moreover, the organization will also celebrate its 35th anniversary in Baku.


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