Feb 20 2019 15:28
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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So far, more than 2 billion tons of oil and 828 billion cubic meters of gas have been extracted from the fields of Azerbaijan. These figures were given at the conference of the International Association of Drilling Contractors for drilling operations in the Caspian. The volume of drilling operations carried out by SOCAR enterprises and within the framework of the Production Sharing Agreements since 2000 in Azerbaijan amounted to 2.6 million meters, as a result of which 1.49 thousand production wells were put into operation. Every year 70 to 80 wells are commissioned in Azerbaijan.

"The main purpose of this conference is to unite all enterprises operating in the Caspian region in the field of drilling. Here they will have the opportunity to discuss their questions, share best practices in order to achieve more efficient and safe work in the future. Cooperation with IADC will allow Azerbaijan to apply the knowledge and experience of foreign countries in the oil and gas sector and bring new advanced technologies to the Caspian region,” SOCAR AQS CEO Ramin Isayev said.             

Note that the International Association of Drilling Contractors is a non-profit organization uniting 1600 enterprises that are engaged in the development of drilling technologies. For over 70 years, the association has been supporting partners in the application of standards for safe and efficient drilling.

 “SOCAR AQS has formed a drilling school that cooperates with the International Association of Drilling Contractors. Our goal is to grow new world-class specialists in this industry, which will allow us to develop this area for many years to come,” Isayev added.

Among the issues discussed at the conference, it is also possible to note the use of new technologies and ensuring security in the implementation of drilling operations.

"The oil field is a very risky field, safety and health issues are always important. This is also due to the fact that drilling is becoming more difficult. The main goal is to create a platform of leading organizations in the oil field and that the decisions made and discussed at this conference are incorporated into real production processes,” Chief Organizational Development Officer at SOCAR AQS Madina Pashayeva said.     

During the conference, leading industry companies will also discuss issues related to the efficient and safe drilling of oil and gas wells in the Caspian region.










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