Feb 19 2019 09:59
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Meetings between representatives of countries and companies involved in the implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor project at a high level help facilitate coordination at a technical level, which subsequently guarantees a coordinated project work. The remarks were made by Ibrahim Ahmadov, the official representative of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan in an interview with CBC on the eve of the 5th meeting of the Advisory Council of the Southern Gas Corridor. He also noted that the implementation of such a large-scale project was made possible by the successful foreign policy of the Azerbaijani leadership.

“The difficulty was that Azerbaijan is located in the closed basin of the Caspian Sea, from which there is no direct exit. Accordingly, the country was forced, one way or another, to look for ways out to the world market through pipelines, either foreign or private. The theory could use the infrastructural capabilities of third parties that would make us dependent on them, but Azerbaijan chose a different path. Azerbaijan has begun such an ambitious project that is successfully progressing,” Ibrahim Ahmadov said.                      

Azerbaijan became a pioneer and was able to attract the countries of two continents to the initiative of creating the largest industrial project in the world. The SGC project provides for the creation of pipeline infrastructure for the transportation of Azerbaijani gas through Turkey to Europe. According to the Head of the Oil Research Center Ilham Shaban, the upcoming meeting of the SGC Advisory Council will differ from the previous ones, primarily because most of the project work has already been completed.

“Already in the middle of 2018, the project was almost completed. Along the Southern Gas Corridor, the first volumes of blue fuel from the Shah Deniz-2 field have already gone to the Turkish markets. This is already a great success of Azerbaijan and its partners, who participated in this large-scale project. The construction started in 2013 and after 5 years the project has already been implemented,” Ilham Shaban said.          

It should be noted that the main components of the project are: the expansion of the South Caucasus pipeline, the construction of the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline and the Trans Adriatic gas pipeline. Deliveries of Azerbaijani gas to Europe are expected in early 2020 in the amount of 10 billion cubic meters. As the Head of the Oil Research Center noted, Shah Deniz-2 is not the only field envisaged for the project.

“The signing of the Baku Declaration is expected, where there is a very positive moment. The declaration will also indicate stable supplies of Azerbaijani gas to European markets. And there it is indicated that not only the Shah Deniz-2 field will provide consumers in Europe with natural gas, but a new field is also revealed. And for the first time, the new Shah Deniz-3 project is indicated,” Ilham Shaban added.      

New gas fields such as Shafag-Asiman and D230 are among the promising sources of blue fuel for the SGC project, where drilling operations, the Karabakh, Umid, Babek, Absheron fields as well as the development of the Caspian shelf will soon be carried out. It should be noted that during the fifth meeting which will take place on February 20, representatives of 7 countries involved in the implementation of the SGC project of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Italy are expected to participate. In addition, the participation of Eastern European countries interested in the project, representatives of the United States, as well as a number of international organizations is expected.



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