Jun 12 2018 23:07
Rustam Abdul-Aliyev
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A festival on the culture of world nations has brought together students of secondary schools in Baku. The Mugham Center features bright stands decorated with the flags of numerous countries. Azerbaijani schoolchildren present the culture of France, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, China and other countries.

“The concept is that children study the cultures of different countries and create their own hand-made artifacts, cultural samples of a given country and study its language. They stage plays in the language of the country they had studied,” head of the International Center of Children's Diplomacy Zulfiya Veysova said.

This festival raises public awareness on world cultures, and this is one of the interesting methods for Azerbaijani children to study not only foreign languages, but also the history and culture of world nations. A team of specialists studied with each group of schoolchildren. Linguists helped them to brush up on their language skills, while tailors assisted in sewing national costumes, and choreographers worked on proper skills for dancing to the rhythms of any given country.

2nd "A" grade students of the Baku European Lyceum staged the most complicated scene. Their play is based on the Chinese fairy tale "The Butterfly and the Bee". For this purpose, they had to sew colorful Chinese clothes, put on make-up and study the language of the country with an ancient and rich culture.

An awards ceremony is scheduled at the end of the Festival of World Cultures, and distinguished schoolchildren will receive diplomas in different nominations.

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