Feb 12 2018 20:34
Rustam Abdul-Aliyev
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A nationwide meeting of youth and athletes in connection with the April presidential election has been held. The meeting started with the demonstration of a film dedicated to the success of the state youth policy in Azerbaijan. It was emphasized that these successes were achieved as a result of President Ilham Aliyev's policy.

“Our young people represent different fields today. They include entrepreneurs, athletes, teachers, policemen, servicemen and farmers. Each young person, regardless of his or her field, is witnessing changes. Looking back to the past years, they can see that the conditions in the country are getting better every year and new opportunities are being created. There have been so many novelties and positive changes for young people and sportsmen in recent years that our youth have the one and only candidate - Ilham Aliyev,” Chairman of the National Council of Youth Organizations Seymur Huseynov said.

More than 3,000 participants from Baku and different regions of the country attended the meeting. Among them are teachers, doctors, athletes and people of other professions. The personalities, who have achieved success at the nationwide level, spoke of their success formula in front of thousands of young people. Though each story of success is different, there is a single idea that the conditions created for young people in Azerbaijan play a significant role in gaining this success.

“We raise our flag on world arenas and international tournaments, European and world championships, and gain victories, and there is only one reason for all these achievements and that is the support of Mr. President Ilham Aliyev for youth, sports and the entire Azerbaijani people,” wrestler Rasul Chunayev said.

The winners of international music festivals, students who received high scores in admission examinations to universities, recipients of presidential scholarships and young people named Student of the Year and Young Person of the Year for successful public activities, addressed the meeting as well. They called on young people to actively participate in the upcoming presidential elections.

“The main reason I was conferred the Young Person of the Year award is my activities in the public sector. I have been engaged in these activities for 10 years. All these events, conferences held since 2008, certainly indicate the support to youth from the government, the head of state. Benefitting from this, we gain these awards and achievements, represent our country in international arenas. This is not just our individual success, these are the victories of our youth, our nation,” winner of Young Person of the Year award Elman Aslanov said.

Young people representing 11 economic regions of Azerbaijan addressing the nationwide meeting, said all conditions for the development of youth have been provided in the regions. The speakers said the establishment of the Youth Foundaton, construction and commissioning of youth centers and houses, Olympic sports complexes in recent years, as well as the establishment of the presidential award for young people are an indicator of the state support to young people. Therefore, Azerbajiani young people have already made their choice in the presidential elections.

The meeting ended with playing a song dedicated to the elections and a flashmob.

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