Mar 13 2018 17:48
Turbet Baghirova
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Azerbaijan continues to develop rapidly. The country is the initiator of significant energy and transport projects and has become an important platform for dialogue. Major forums and conferences have been bringing together hundreds of participants from five continents to Baku for many years. Among the delegates are heads of state and prominent politicians. This year, Baku will host the 6th global forum. And the fact that the number of its attendees is growing every year, emphasizes the significance of the forum.

“We know that today the world is experiencing political instability. Cooperation and mutual assistance among states in the fight against threats to peace, is becoming more and more necessary. Azerbaijan and its capital Baku hosts events every year attended by the heads of government, parliamentarians, ministers, prominent public and political figures, who are very significant players,” Political analyst Zaur Mammadov said.

“This is a format of cooperation that states can discuss. These are economic and energy projects for the future and some information projects. It is also very important to discuss the situation in the Middle East and instability. The migration crisis can also be touched upon. Countries will try to find a common format of relations, which would be acceptable for further grand policy in the international arena,” Assistant to President of International Eurasia Press Fund Anastasia Lavrina said.

Among the discussed issues, there are problems that concern the entire world community - extremism and terrorism, the problems of refugees and internally displaced persons. The global forum has become an important platform for delivering the truth about the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. For more than two decades, 20% of the territories of Azerbaijan are under Armenian occupation.

According to Anastasia Lavrina, there is the fact of occupation and there are more than a million refugees, and the Armenian propaganda in this regard is not true.

Today, Azerbaijan plays the role of a stabilizing factor in the region. Being a multinational country, Azerbaijan today is a recognized center of multiculturalism. Being at the junction of the East and the West, the country plays the role of a cultural bridge. In the conditions of instability in the world, the lack of mutual understanding between neighboring and distant neighbors, Azerbaijan is making significant efforts to promote the global intercultural dialogue.


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