Apr 21 2017 20:02
Elshad Aliyev
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Baku Shopping Festival, which is being held in CIS for the first time, is underway. The number of stores and shopping malls that have joined the festival is growing day by day.  Now, "Fashion Pavilion" has opened as part of the event.

It features clothing brands, accessories and furniture items by a total of 23 designers, including 16 local ones, which indicates Baku Shopping Festival is a chance for young and talented Azerbaijani fashion designers to find their customers.

The products we make refer to the brands of numerous world countries. We are trying to provide women wearing hijab in Azerbaijan with these brands. In other words, our products are distinguished with a variety of colors. We also stand out with our different brands. We intend to apply national ornaments on the hijab as well. We plan to reach a global scale too, saıd hıjab desıgner Valıde.

"Fashion Pavilion" provides the making and sale of exclusive brands. The exhibited goods, which are handmade, comply with high quality and modern fashion.

Our brand is a newly created one, which has been active for the past 3-4 months. It has not been fully opened yet. The goal and intent of our brand is to show the Azerbaijani culture to the world community, so that everyone would see how beautiful it is and enjoy it, creator of “Mutekke” brand Farıd Sadıgov.

Currently, we have “Molla Nasreddin" and "Shaki" collections. In each of the collections, we tried to show the Azerbaijani culture.

"Fashion Pavilion" will be open from 10 am to 21.00 every day of the week during the Baku festival. Customers will be able to benefit from various discounts and refunds on Value Added Tax from the purchased goods.


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