Apr 12 2018 21:04
Rustam Abdul-Aliyev
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The Azerbaijani people elected their leader at the presidential elections held on April 11. Ilham Aliyev, who gained an overwhelming victory, will head the country for the next seven years. In his appeal to the nation following his re-election, President Ilham Aliyev thanked the Azerbaijani people for the tremendous support.

“In these elections, the people of Azerbaijan voted for stability, security, development and progress, and appreciated the work done over the past 15 years,” President Ilham Aliyev said.

Political analysts believe that the reforms and efforts aimed at the country's overall development, improving the well-being of the population and promoting Azerbaijan internationally will be continued in the coming years.

“Azerbaijan is pursuing an independent policy today, hosting major events such as forums, etc. And certainly, conducting a balanced policy without joining any military blocs is a significant issue for a small state. Ilham Aliyev’s reforms must be particularly highlighted in this regard,” expert Arzu Nagiyev said.

The settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will be the priority issue for President Ilham Aliyev in the coming years, analysts say. In this regard, Azerbaijan's strengthening the strategic partnership with Russia, Iran and Turkey is expected to yield fruit.

“Turkey’s increasing role shows that in the future, Azerbaijan, together with Turkey, will be able to act more freely both with regard to the Karabakh issue and in launching new projects,” expert Rizvan Huseynov said.

Experts say that Azerbaijan's economy will grow further in the coming years. They concluded that the state support for small and medium enterprise and exporters provided in accordance with relevant presidential decrees plays an important role in the economic development of the country.

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