Jan 12 2017 11:12
Rena Agayeva
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“180 foreign journalists were included to the list of people declared personae non gratae of Foreign Affairs Ministry for illegally entering occupied Azerbaijani territories,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev.

According to Hajiyev, the list of illegal visitors of occupied Azerbaijani territories are mainly from the CIS region in particular Russia and Ukraine.

Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that 623 people were overall included to the list of personae non gratae for illegally entering the occupied territories. As of 2016, nearly 20 peoples’ name were withdrawn from the list for the reason that they officially apologized. They were mainly journalists from Lithuania, Japan and Austria.

After investigations as in previous years in 2016 as well the great majority of alien citizens travelling illegally to the occupied Azerbaijani territories were deceived.

It is possible to visit the occupied Azerbaijani territories with the official permission from Azerbaijani government. Otherwise those citizens are included to the personae non gratae list of the Foreign Ministry and they banned from entrance to Azerbaijan.

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