Nov 14 2017 11:58
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Until the end of the year, four more enterprises will start working in the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, Azerbaijani Deputy Economy Minister Niyazi Safarov told reporters.

 According to him, today more than 5.5 thousand people work in the industrial park, as the number of enterprises increases, the number of new jobs will grow. At present, 12 residents are registered in the park, which will invest about $1.4 billion in its development. The deputy minister reminded that in Azerbaijan, residents of industrial parks and zones are given very serious preferences. At the same time, Niyazi Safarov stressed that other businessmen who do not work in industrial parks and zones can benefit of this preferences. A total of 35 residents were registered in all five industrial parks and three industrial zones operating in the country.

“Particular attention should be paid to industrial zones, which are created in the regions of the country. We plan to complete the infrastructure works in the Masalli industrial zone by the end of the year. Today we present 30 different projects that can be realized in this zone. As for the Hajigabul industrial zone, the work there, as well as in other industrial parks and zones, is carried out promptly and efficiently. We are starting to hold tenders,” Niyazi Safarov said.          

In addition to industrial zones, five industrial parks have been established in the republic: The Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, Balakhani, Garadagh, Mingachevir and Pirallahi industrial parks.

Main purpose of the establishment of such parks in the country are the creation of favorable conditions in the country for further development of industrial production, provision of support to entrepreneurs, and increasing employment of population in the sphere. 


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