Nov 14 2017 20:50
Elshad Aliyev
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The second Baku Shopping Festival is due to finish its work tomorrow. Therefore, buyers are trying to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the festival over the last 48 hours left.

I have been making purchases for the second time in the shopping festival, and benefitted from the Tax Free. It is very profitable. As a matter of fact, the staff is very welcoming. We have taken part in different events and a lottery for the participants of the festival. We won a discount coupon for a beauty salon, customer Ajdar Ibrahimov said.

Employees of the trade network continue to inform Baku residents and tourists about the rules of the shopping festival. Sellers say that more buyers apply to them in the last days of the festival.

Our store offers 20% to 40% discounts, including the opportunities offered by the shopping festivities. Those who benefit from this campaign are mainly local residents, but tourists also come here. The number of visitors has slightly increased. Everyone is happy with the festival, seller Farid Burramov said.

When buying something for 100 manats or more, part of value-added tax is refunded to a buyer. The main thing is not to forget to have the identification document handy. Registration of all documents is carried out directly at shopping centers.

It's not the first time I'm making a purchase in the framework of the festival. I suppose, this is the fourth time. It is very advantageous, the shops offer discount campaigns. I told about the festival to my friends and relatives, who have become very enthusiastic and took part in the festival, customer Fidan Huseynova said.

Stores offering household goods are also participating in the festival. This is a great opportunity for customers to buy home appliances and electronics.

I'm taking part in the shopping festival for the first time. We have purchased a laundry washer. It is quite expensive, and to return 10 percent of this amount is quite profitable. Of course, we would like for the festival to continue. It seems to me that along with buyers, the stores are also interested in it, because it really attracts customers, customer Rufat Faridbayli said.

A few hours are left till the closing of the second Baku Shopping Festival. Hurry to shop to make bargain purchases at the shops that delight their customers with special campaigns!



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