Apr 16 2018 11:31
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Every year, Azerbaijan will celebrate the Day of Science on March 27. The choice of this date is not accidental. On this day in 1945 the construction of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan was completed and the first charter of the Academy was approved.

“This is a great confidence in the Academy of Sciences, so it is especially important for its employees. We will celebrate it as a special holiday. The Academy of Sciences will continue to function in Azerbaijan as the flagship of science and scientists,” Aminagha Sadigov, Head of Department of Science and Education of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences told CBC.

According to Aminagha Sadigov, this is a great historical event for the scientific community in Azerbaijan. The attention given to science and scientists will also become a great incentive for young people, he noted.

“Thanks to attention paid to scientific activity and the work of scientists, young people begin to demonstrate a great interest in science. For example, this year we have very high competition in master’s and doctoral degrees, this is the result of the attention paid to science in the country,” Aminagha Sadigov added.           

The adoption of the Law on Science in Azerbaijan in 2016 provided full legal and political support for the implementation of an independent scientific policy in the country. The law reflects the principles, objectives and priorities of state policy in the sphere of scientific activity, the rights, duties and social protection of scientists, the functions of scientific institutions and organizations, the opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation in science, the ways of international scientific cooperation, and much more.



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