Feb 19 2019 10:32
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Azerbaijani servicemen continue their participation in the International Winter Exercises-2019 held in Kars, the Republic of Turkey.

According to the exercise scenario, a tactical airborne assault force that was landed from aircraft and helicopters fulfill the most difficult tasks in snowy and frosty weather conditions.

The servicemen of the Combined-Arms Army carrying out combat shooting in interoperability with units of other countries participating in the exercises worthily represent our country in multinational winter exercises.

During the drills, the military personnel shows activity in fulfilling the tasks of conducting combat operations in harsh climatic and difficult relief conditions. In the course of the drills, the abilities of the units to get deployed in the territory and their equipment are also inspected.

The Azerbaijani Army today is considered the most modern army in the Caucasus.

The skills and combat readiness of the Azerbaijani army are growing year by year, as the country’s Armed Forces regularly conduct military exercises. The Azerbaijani army is supplied with modern weapons and technical equipment for maintaining a high level of combat capability.

The army building process is of particular importance for Azerbaijan, as twenty percent of the country's territory is under Armenian occupation and the country is in a state of war with Armenia.

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