Sep 14 2018 11:05
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Israeli artist and blacksmith, Yaron Bob, is transforming old rocket scrap metal into works of art from his workshop in Yated in the south of Israel, close to the Gaza Strip.

Bob was inspired to act following a near miss involving a rocket at the school where he works part time, and said he was initially motivated by a desire to take away the psychological power of the rockets and to stop being afraid.

“I was working in the high school and it was a break time. The kids were outside playing around, I was preparing for the next class and then there was an alarm. A rocket was fired in our direction and we only have in my area between 10 and 15 seconds to run for shelter. And because I knew I was in a slightly outside in the corner of the school I couldn't reach for shelter so I just hide against the wall and I pray. The rocket fall exploded ten meters next to me. Everything went dark, and I remember getting up, going out, cleaning myself up and going outside to see if anyone was hurt. I was the only one close to the rocket. And when I came home, I couldn't sit down and relax, all the energy that was accumulating inside of me want to get out, all the stress, and I didn't know what to do. I came to the smith, I saw the rocket, and the rocket was like laughing at me it was like making a mockery out of my expense. So I got angry, I wanted to take away its power, to stop being afraid,” Yaron Bob said.

The material for Bob's art comes from the Qassam rockets purportedly launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

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