Apr 13 2018 16:13
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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The accreditation center of Formula-1 started its work in Baku. Employees and volunteers who will take an active part in the competitions come to this center. They have been given uniforms by the organizers. The uniforms are distinguished by their colors.

“At the moment we provide accreditation to all those who will work on the Boulevard during the event. They are contractors, volunteers, marshals, security employees and etc,” Sakina Gahramanzade, employee of accreditation center said.

17-year-old Farkhad Rasulzade has become a volunteer for the first time. His task is to give uniforms to all participants of the competition. For this, accredited women and men apply to him. According to their personal data, size and height, they give out shirts, t-shirts, jackets and branded caps with the emblem of the Baku-Grand Prix.

“Volunteering develops me in everything. I learn both English and Russian. Volunteering develops my specialty in the future. There is very little time left before competition and I help everyone to distribute the uniforms,” Formula One Volunteer Farkhad Rasulzade said.    

You can distinguish employees by the color of their uniforms. Purple shirts and T-shirts are for volunteers, a white shirt and a gray jacket are for the employees of the administration of the competition. Marshals wear green uniforms, but black uniforms are for those responsible for the safety of races.

“We can say that half of the work has already been done. And by the beginning of the race we will already complete distribution of uniforms and everyone will be ready to do their work during Formula One,” accreditation manager Rufat Bayramov said.

Preparations for the Formula-1 is in full swing. It can even be said that Baku is ready to host such a large-scale competition. Thousands of volunteers will provide a worthy service to all the fans of these competitions.


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