Feb 08 2019 12:56
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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The decision of the French President to establish a national commemoration day of the so-called genocide of Armenians speaks of the absence of a balanced policy of Emmanuel Macron regarding the Muslim world, in particular Turkey. This is the opinion of political scientist Fikrat Sadikhov. Emmanuel Macron had the reputation of inexperienced politician. With his controversial statement, he again sided with the rich Armenian diaspora, which does not spare financial resources for lobbying its interests.

“Armenians live in France for a very long historical period. During this period, they have managed to integrate into many structures of socio-political, cultural, economic and financial activities. Naturally, they influence the adoption of certain decisions. It is no secret that current head of state Macron is a man without a party. He does not represent any of the leading parties. During the presidential elections, he relied on the financial banking circles, among which were quite influential Armenians. These circles made a significant contribution to his election. Naturally, the beauty of a debt is its payment,” Fikrat Sadikhov said.

Another factor has also played a certain role in this scandalous decision of the President of France. Today, France is one of the countries that opposes Turkey’s accession to the European Union. According to experts, Paris needs to slow down Turkey’s accession to the EU by any means. To this end, a question of so-called genocide of Armenians is used against Turkey. Events that allegedly took place 100 years ago are overgrown with some fantastic additions. Macron's statements about the so-called genocide of Armenians are against the principles of interstate relations and international norms. The initiative to establish the memorial day for the victims of the so-called Armenian genocide simply does not correspond to the elementary logic.

“In 2014, in the same France, in Strasbourg, the European Court of Human Rights decided that the so-called Armenian genocide was not a proven fact. This is the opinion of one of the parties to the conflict. This decision was made in the case of the Swiss court against leader of one of the Turkish parties Dogu Perincek. The world has adopted a single document regarding the so-called genocide, and it indicate that this is the opinion of one of the parties. That is, it is not a proven fact. In my opinion, France as a country within whose territory this decision was made should not make a second decision that contradicts the decision of the European Court of Human Rights,” political scientist Elkhan Alasgarov said.

Official Ankara has repeatedly condemned the desire of Macron to turn a political event into a historical tool in order to somehow save the unstable situation in his country. Ankara has long opened the Ottoman archives and invited historians to study them in order to develop an objective approach to the events of 100 years ago. However, France, according to experts, ignores the interests of the Turkish side.

“Of course, France should not violate the rights of many thousands of Turkish communities living in France, which with the establishment of April 24 as the day of the so-called Armenian Genocide will be put in a very vulnerable position. Certainly, this question should be investigated by historians, because genocide must be proven, and all attempts by Turkey to collect scientists, open archives and pinpoint this issue, get resistance, most importantly, from the Armenian side, which presents this story as an accomplished fact,” Alasgarov added.

Recall that under ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy a law was passed on criminal responsibility for denying the so-called Armenian genocide, which was later annulled. According to experts, a new decision on the establishment of a day to commemorate the victims of the so-called Armenian genocide will in the future suffer a similar fate.












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