Apr 13 2018 12:40
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Yarat Contemporary Art Center organized a real holiday for fans of folk jazz. During the concert, organized within the framework of the days of the Francophone, the French singer Pierre de Tregoman - along with the young Azerbaijani khanende performed variations of the national mugham - Bayati Shiraz.

For this performance, the French singer not only seriously studied the modes of mugham, but also became closely acquainted with the works of the great poets Fizuli and Nizami.

“First I witnessed creativity of mugham singers Gochag Askerov and Alim Gasimov when they performed in France. Their music touched me with its melody. In their music, I felt both tragedy and dynamism. I think that the mugham unites several musical directions in itself. And it carries a deep essence,” Pierre de Tregoman said.                 

None of the viewers had any idea how much energy and power Pierre de Tregoman had to spend in order to study the essence of the Azerbaijani mugham. Daily rehearsals - several hours a day - served to create a first musical album in the style of mugham-souls with Gochag Askerov in a short time.

“Jazz is a music that loves improvisation. Similarly, it can be attributed to mugham. That's why I think that jazz and mugham sound together much more effectively. Since both musical genres together create a unique harmonious tandem,” Gochag Askerov said.            

The concert in the style of jazz-folk was held with high attendance. Fans of improvisational music enjoyed the performance. Artists, in turn, promised music lovers to make a concert again.


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