Apr 21 2018 15:18
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Novruz Mammadov became the new Prime Minister of Azerbaijan. His candidacy was approved at today's meeting of the parliament.

Previously, Novruz Mammadov served as an assistant to the head of state on foreign policy issues. Speaking at the parliament, the Prime Minister thanked those present for the confidence in him, noting that the Republic of Azerbaijan, thanks to the successful policy of President Ilham Aliyev, in recent years has made great strides in foreign and domestic policy. Particularly Novruz Mammadov stressed that over the next three years Azerbaijan will chair the Non-Aligned Movement, and this, in his opinion, will also become a very important page in the history of the state.

“Being an independent, sovereign state, today Azerbaijan is experiencing its best period. I am proud that I live in this period. I promise to you - the deputies - and, above all, the president of the country, that I will do my best to fulfill all tasks set before me,”  Novruz Mammadov said.            

Novruz Mammadov was born on March 15, 1947 in the Babek region of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. He received a PhD in Philology in 1991 from the Azerbaijani Pedagogical Foreign Languages Institute (APFLI), where he then became an instructor. From June 1, 2017, Novruz Mammadov was an assistant to the president on foreign policy issues and Head of Department of Foreign Policy.


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