Oct 10 2018 18:25
Turbet Baghirova
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“It was not enough that we adopt resolutions, make decisions which are not implemented, we sit together with occupants for decades and do not urge them to fulfill our decisions and stop their occupation policy.” The remarks were made by Sevinj Fataliyeva, the member of Azerbaijani delegation to PACE at the autumn session. According to the Azerbaijani MP, Armenia has not implemented the resolution adopted by the organization back in 2005 on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and is not sanctioned for it.

“Are we becoming a scientific research center, which simply puts a problem, research it and suggest ways out, but do not influence any process and is not making any decision. Recently, the values that were our predecessors devoted themselves and kept for 70 years are disappearing. But keep in mind that fundamental freedom human rights cannot be a subject of research. These issues need real actions and real decisions to be taken. What we need to do is think of being firm and strict in decision-making processes,” Sevinj Fataliyeva stressed.

Almost all Muslim countries are facing bloody wars, endless military conflicts, refugee crisis and other serious problems, Rafael Huseynov, the member of the Azerbaijani delegation said diuring his speech at the session titled “Regulating foreign funding of Islam in Europe in order to prevent radicalization and Islamophobia.”  According to him, nowadays the world Muslim population suffer from consequences of terrorism, radicalization and military harassment.

“However, the idea that Muslims are perpetrators of these unacceptable events are exaggerated, thus strengthening the radicalization tendencies against Islam. Special intelligence services stand behind all this policy,” he added.

The report titled “Radicalization of migrant and diaspora communities in Europe” prepared by Azerbaijani MP Sahiba Gafarova was presented at the session. According to Sahiba Gafarova, the idea that majority of radicalized people are religious fanatics is not true. “Most of these people have not recited Koran and have not visited mosques on a regular basis. Majority of the attacks are organized and implemented by the ISIS militants,” she added.

The Azerbaijani MP mentioned that it is unacceptable to present Islam as a terrorist religion. Neither terrorism nor terrorist has a religion. Sahiba Gafarova’s report was adopted after discussions.


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