Jul 04 2018 10:22
Turbet Baghirova
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The cooperation between Pakistan and Azerbaijan extends to every sphere- ranging from political, economic, technological to cultural fields. These remarks were made by President of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Zahid Latif Khan at a briefing on the “Pakistan-Azerbaijan Business Opportunities” Conference that is going to be held in Baku. According to him, Azerbaijan has always been friendly and supportive of Pakistan. It was noted that RCCI has been working to promote Pakistan as the next destination for businesses and investments in the world.

“Earlier, the Pakistani people went to for the Middle East and onward to Europe and the USA business, tourism and culture purposes. But now, with the help of the RCCI we have diverted them and asked them to come to this country. So, they can see by themselves the business, as well as the tourism opportunities. So, this is our endeavor,” RCCI President Zahid Latif Khan said.

“We are also interested in promoting investments from Pakistan to Azerbaijan. We have excellent relations with Azerbaijan. We have to transform these relations into economic, business relations. For that reason, we have come here and would like the Azerbaijani businessmen and investors to visit Pakistan and RCCI will act as a focal point for that,” RCCI Group Leader Sohail Altaf added.

It was noted that more than 450 participants representing different sectors including tourism, pharmaceuticals, chemical and textile industries would attend the event. Within the framework of the events, there will be meetings between the Pakistani and Azerbaijani business communities. These meetings will create an opportunity for both parties to exchange views and make future investment plans. The importance of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was also highlighted. It was noted that CPEC could also be beneficial for Azerbaijan as well.

“The significance of CPEC for Azerbaijan is that through the North-South Transport Corridor, which starts from Astrakhan in Russia, passing through Azerbaijan, Iran and then it can end and join other CPEC route or go straight into the Gwadar port and from there, Azerbaijan will be directly connected with China, Russia and the Central Asia,”  Pakistani Ambassador to Azerbaijan Saeed Khan Mohmand stressed.

“Actually, we as the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce truly understand that CPEC can be successful, if it gets a trade route to Central Asian republics and onwards to the Caucasian states, which Azerbaijan is a one. So, through Afghanistan and Iran we should have a connectivity towards the Central Asian republics and onward to the Caucasian states and the Eurasian countries, like Azerbaijan. So, this is our endeavor. Secondly, CPEC is about energy. Because Pakistan is an energy starved country. Economic activities are growing day by day. So, we are looking for energy resources. Azerbaijan is an oil-rich and gas rich country. So, they can invest in the petrochemicals in Pakistan. There are plenty of opportunities there,” Zahid Latif Khan concluded.

In addition, the significance of opening direct flights between Azerbaijan and Pakistan was emphasized at the briefing. 

Notably, Business Opportunities Conference will be organized on July 4 and also the RCCI 31st International Achievement Awards is going to be held on July 5 in Baku.


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