Sep 13 2017 18:29
Turbet Baghirova
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This time the Euronews Postcards episode is dedicated to the charming beauty of the Azerbaijani forests and its secret recipes. The episode is prepared by senior journalist of Euronews TV Channel Aurora Velez. A special attention is given to Gabala forests, hiding their unexpected delights.

According to author of the episode, Gabala forests are home to people who want to eat traditional griddle-cooked kebabs in little wooden huts.

The episode reports that meat-cooking tradition came from the shepherds, who cooked their meat with dasharasi, between two slates.

It is not the first time that Euronews Postcards episodes are dedicated to Azerbaijan. Previously, three episodes on Azerbaijani delicacy halva, Sheki Khan Palace and national Azerbaijani musical instrument tar were broadcast.

Postcards program is one of the most viewed programs of Euronews TV Channel and gives essential insight with the focus on a particular aspect of a nation’s cultural heritage.  Weekly snapshots include hidden or forgotten attraction, as well as a fresh look at famous landmarks, and come with practical tips.


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