Oct 10 2018 12:34
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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2018 was successful for our country. All the tasks we have set since the beginning of the year have been successfully and timely implemented, said the President of Azerbaijan at the meeting of the Cabinet dedicated to the results of socio-economic development in the first nine months of 2018 and to the upcoming tasks. The head of state stressed that given the current situation in the world, stability and security are one of the main factors for any country today.

This summer the European Union and Azerbaijan signed the Partnership Priorities document, and I believe that this is a very important step, an important document. It reflects many significant issues. This document also includes provisions regarding the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and they are fair and fully support our position and interests. This document states that the European Union supports the sovereignty, inviolability of borders and the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. At the same time, the declaration adopted at the end of the NATO Summit once again expressed support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

The public is informed about the current stage of the negotiations related to the conflict, the head of state said. Attempts by the Armenian side were unsuccessful. The format of the negotiations related to the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict remains unchanged. These negotiations were and would be conducted between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The two meetings of the foreign ministers of the two countries prove this once again, Ilham Aliyev stressed.

The format of the negotiations remains unchanged, and this conflict should soon be resolved based on the norms and principles of international law and within the framework of the territorial integrity of our country. The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan has never been, is not and will never be the subject of negotiations. Therefore, we will remain in our principled position. I hope that the new leadership of Armenia would demonstrate constructiveness in its policy, and our lands will soon be freed from the occupiers.

The president added that the country is building up its military power. The Azerbaijani army is among the 50 strongest armies in the world. This is shown by international ratings and evidenced by the military successes of the republic. Moreover, this year, Baku hosted two grandiose military parades, at which military power was demonstrated to the people and the entire world. Today, the Azerbaijani army is equipped with the most modern weapons and equipment, and this process continues.

Of course, to implement all our plans, the economy must successfully develop, and consistent steps are being taken in this direction. If we did not have strong economic opportunities, none of our plans could be realized. Our economy promotes our political interests. We are economically independent. In the first nine months of this year, investments made in our economy amounted to $9 billion. It is gratifying that $ 5.6 billion of these funds were invested in the non-oil sector. This will contribute to further diversification of our economy.

The Head of State noted that 2018 was important for the development of our energy policy. In May of this year, the official opening of the Southern Gas Corridor was marked in Baku. This is a historical event. A month later, the opening of the TANAP project took place in Turkey. The events taking place in the region, the giant energy, transport projects implemented at the initiative of Azerbaijan, the work carried out in other areas greatly increased the political weight of the country. Today, Azerbaijan is a very valuable, highly respected country with high international prestige. A principled policy is pursued in the republic that adequately ensures national interests and this will continue in the future.


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