Jul 10 2018 21:51
Rustam Abdul-Aliyev
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The April 2016 battles and the great victory of Azerbaijan, the Nakhchivan operation in May 2018 and the liberation of thousands of hectares of land from the occupiers prove the fighting capacity of the Azerbaijani army, President Ilham Aliyev said at a cabinet meeting, referring to the military superiority of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces over Armenia.

“The opposite side knows this. Their appeal to international organizations, in fact, is recognition of defeat. If you have a strong army, why do you ask for help from international organizations? Why do you complain about Azerbaijan to international organizations? You occupied these lands with the support of foreign states,” President Ilham Aliyev said.

According to the President, against the backdrop of political, economic and military successes of Azerbaijan, the situation in Armenia is exactly the opposite.

“Over the 20 years, the criminal, corrupt, thievish power of bloodsuckers has collapsed. Today, the Armenian people say what I was saying. Several times, I have accused the former authorities of Armenia from the highest tribunes. I was saying that this is the regime of the criminal junta, now the Armenian people say the same. I was saying that this regime sucks the blood of its own people. The regime of Sargsyan driven from power with disgrace is in reality a collapse of the Armenian statehood. If 20 of 26 years of independence have passed under this authority, what positive qualities does this state have?! The Armenian statehood fell on its face. Their heroes, their generals are thieves; their army is an army of thieves. Today, the people of Armenia see this. The Armenian authorities say this. Justice triumphed, and the thievish and criminal regime that led Armenia for 20 years completely made a fool of itself and was read out of the political arena. I can say that we also played a role in the fall of this regime. As a result of our policy, Armenia was deprived of all the projects that could bring it income. We successfully carried out a policy of isolation against them, and I repeatedly spoke about this explicitly to the Azerbaijani public and foreign partners,” President Ilham Aliyev said.

Recalling the military successes of Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev said that the April 2016 battles had become such a big blow to the regime of Serzh Sargsyan that they could not recover from it in two years, and the myth they created over the years about a supposedly strong Armenian army was scattered to the winds.

“We destroyed this myth. In a few days, we destroyed the "lasting fortification" they created over many years on the line of contact, which caused great disappointment in the Armenian society. Therefore, everything that happened to Armenia was inevitable and logical. The main reason for this was the anti-national policy pursued by the criminal regime, and the confident policy pursued by Azerbaijan, including the dynamics of our development. The population of Armenia is well aware of the high achievements of Azerbaijan: stability within the country, development, international relations, economic development, army building. The difference between us is as between heaven and earth,” the President said.

As long as our lands are under occupation, Azerbaijan will pursue a policy of isolation against Armenia, President Ilham Aliyev said. According to him, there is only one way to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: the Armenian occupation forces must be withdrawn from the occupied lands, the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan must be restored, and the four resolutions of the UN Security Council must be fulfilled.

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