Jun 13 2018 22:56
Rustam Abdul-Aliyev
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The Southern Gas Corridor is a project that will change the energy map of the world. The project is another achievement strengthening Azerbaijan's role in global energy security, according to speakers at an international conference on the Southern Gas Corridor and energy security in southeast Europe.

Deputy Energy Minister Samir Valiyev said Azerbaijan is the only country directly involved and financing all the 4 stages of the Southern Gas Corridor and is committed to its obligations. This project should be considered not only as an element of energy security, but also as a powerful and driving force of economic and social development in a vast geographical area. The SGC stimulates the creation and development of the natural gas infrastructure and transport system of south-eastern Europe, as well as the gas industry,” the deputy minister said.

This project plays a crucial role in ensuring Europe's energy security. Denis Daniilidis, an official of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, noted that the Southern Gas Corridor is a project that links Azerbaijan and the European Union. The EU welcomes the timely completion of the project as it will provide the energy security for the EU and its Balkan partners.

Azerbaijani experts addressing the conference spoke of the advantages of the Southern Gas Corridor, its benefits for the participating countries and contribution to Europe's energy security. The speakers noted that the SCG, and one of its sections, the TANAP project, offers a new source and route for Europe's growing energy needs. Thus, having eliminated its reliance on the supplier, it serves the purpose of energy diversification. Therefore, all major financial institutions have supported this project, which is an indicator of confidence and reliability in it. 

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