Jun 12 2018 22:57
Rustam Abdul-Aliyev
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The second working day of the 17th Caspian International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition started with bilateral business meetings in the B2B format both for local and foreign participants. Bilateral meetings were held between freight carriers and cargo owners as well as companies operating in the maritime sector. Participating companies presented their goods and services at the exhibition.

The exhibition, joined by about 90 companies from 15 countries around the world, brought together representatives of state-run transport bodies, companies operating in the railway sector, maritime industry, aviation, commercial transport, and logistics services. Along with the 17th Caspian International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition, the same venue hosts the 8th Caspian International Road Infrastructure and Public Transport exhibition.

“Representatives of foreign countries approaching the stand take interest in the work carried out in connection with public transport and traffic management in Baku. They also make their proposals. Some would like to see the samples applied in Baku in their home countries and cities. We are interested in their feedback because this way we can confirm whether or not our work is in line with international standards,” Baku Transport Agency spokesman Mais Aghayev said.

The exhibitions will last until June 13.

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