Jul 08 2017 20:05
Elshad Aliyev
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In the light of the provocation committed by the Armenian Armed Forces on the frontline on July 4, which claimed the lives of 2 Azerbaijani civilians, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia raised the issue of lifting ban on the entry into Azerbaijani territories for a number of Russian citizens of Armenian origin.

This step, which is in sharp contradiction with diplomatic etiquette, caused surprise in official Baku. Baku evaluated the statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry as an “ unfriendly attitude, not conforming to the spirit of the relations of strategic nature between the two countries”. “Azerbaijan must apply the relevant regulations to a number of persons to prevent the undesirable excesses”, said the note by the Azerbaijani MFA.

Russia has expressed an active stance on this issue, when an elderly woman with a toddler girl died. The statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is unethical and undiplomatic, as well as unacceptable. Azerbaijan is implementing its foreign policy according to its legislation. Azerbaijan is a multicultural country; it is pride of these values and preserves these traditions, said Spokesperson of Azerbaijani MFA Hikmat Hajiyev.

The Russian analysts consider that the Armenian diaspora functioning in the Russian Federation pressured on the Russian Foreign Office to raise this issue.

Alongside with other OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries, Russia also has a massive and influential Armenian diaspora. Therefore, the Russian government agencies should take into consideration this influential diaspora’s stance. By the way, the influential Azerbaijani diaspora’s opinion is taken into consideration as well, Member of Russian Public Chamber Sergey Markov told CBC.

I consider that Russia did a favor to the Armenian political circles, who seemingly asked Russia to take into account the case that some Russian citizens with Armenian ancestry are banned to enter in Azerbaijani territories. I can interpret this letter like this. Petition exchanges cannot freeze our countries relationship. In my opinion, Azerbaijan has definite reasons and it is your country’s right. Azerbaijan is a multinational, multicultural country unlike Armenia and Russia understands it. I believe that the Foreign Offices of both countries will clarify the situation and analogical case will never happen again. Russia has always considered Azerbaijan its reliable partner and friend, Political Analyst Yevgeniy Michailov told CBC.

Armenia invaded 20 percent of Azerbaijani territories, carried out ethnic cleansing and provocations against Azerbaijan are still underway. Azerbaijan has become the victim of the Armenian terror and for the sake of its citizen’s safety preserves all the rights to have a selective approach towards people crossing its borders.  It should be noted that, there were Armenians holding citizenship of other countries among Armenian gangs during the Khojaly Genocide. Unlike mono-ethnic Armenia, Azerbaijan is an example of multiculturalism and tolerance, which is recognized by the world leading countries. Until today, more than 35 thousand Armenian people are living in safety in our country. Such a statement from the country, which forced deportations of nations, such as Germans, Chechens and Ingush from their native lands to other parts of Russia and the USSR, is simply illogical.  

Multiculturalism is an ideology of Azerbaijan. As for multiculturalism, Azerbaijan is head and shoulders above Armenia. Even Azerbaijan is one of the leaders of multiculturalism in the modern world. Various nationalities, including Armenians, live and prosper in Azerbaijan although not in an organized, but in a semi-covert way. Of course, the official Moscow appreciates that Azerbaijan is one of the examples of multiculturalism, Member of Russian Public Chamber Sergey Markov told CBC.

Such an unethical step by the Russian Foreign Office triggers a very important and logical question: Why a governmental entity overly concerned about its citizen’s rights has so indifferent attitude towards its citizen of Azerbaijani origin Dilgam Asgarov, who was taken hostage while visiting his relatives’ graves. The next week, the third year will pass since his incarceration by the separatist Karabakh regime. Russia as a co-chair country of OSCE would better direct these questions to Yerevan, as they are destabilizing the region by keeping the Azerbaijan territories under occupation.

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