Nov 08 2018 18:19
Turbet Baghirova
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Within the framework of the first China International Import Exhibition, the Azerbaijani wine house was opened in Shanghai, thus becoming the second wine house operating in China. The first one was launched in Urumqi, China on September 2. This was stated by Aziz Hasanov, the expert in winemaking in an interview with CBC. According to him, China is a promising market with 1.5 billion consumers of wine products. From this perspective, Azerbaijan has a huge potential in promoting “Made in Azerbaijan” brand.

“Winemaking experiences growth in Azerbaijan and there is a huge potential in this field. The development of winemaking means new plantations and the creation of material-technical basis, as well as  the improvement of the agrarian sector. Moreover, it means additional revenues to the state budget,” Aziz Hasanov said.

In the future, Azerbaijan plans to open new trade and wine houses in foreign countries in order to stimulate export and production, promote its national brand, as well as expand the sale of Azerbaijani products in foreign countries. 

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