Oct 13 2017 11:27
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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Only a few days left until the start of the second Baku shopping festival. This time more than 400 companies will take part in the festival. If the partners of the first festival were 33 companies, in the second festival they reached 111, that is, it increased three-fold.

This was announced by the Azerbaijani Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev at a press conference on the upcoming second Baku shopping festival. According to the minister, if 72 companies returned the value-added tax during the first festival, this time it is expected that 467 companies will return the VAT amount to buyers.

“We want to conduct these shopping festivals in the off-season. I believe that the holding of these trade festivals will open up new opportunities for us, will allow us to attract more sites engaged in trade and providing services. This year we have special offers for tourists,” Abulfas Garayev said.

The upcoming festival promises a number of innovations. For example, during the festival special awards will be established. According to the minister, most shops and service centers will be connected to a tax-free system, which opens up great opportunities for both tourists and local buyers. Supermarkets will take part in the festival for the first time. The discounts will not include the food prices. In addition, a number of pharmacies will take part in the festival. It is also expected that next year a special discount card will be applied for tourists.

“Work was carried out to increase the number of registration points. Registration is required to receive VAT from the purchase. Now they will be located not only in the center of Baku, but also in close proximity to shopping centers and shops participating in the festival. In this way, buyers will be able to pass the necessary registration right after the purchase and they will not have to travel to the other end of the city for this reason,” the minister added.

In shops where there is a sign "Baku Shopping Festival - Tax Free", both local and foreign buyers, having made purchases for the amount exceeding 100 manats, will be able to receive back the amount of the value added tax. This amount can be received in cash or by transfer to a bank account or card.

Economic experts note that the shopping festival is an event designed to develop the country's tourism sector. For example, shopping festivals in the countries of the Persian Gulf, Asia and Latin America attracted even more tourists to these states, which brought more currency to their budget.

“The goal is to attract even more tourists to Azerbaijan. Every tourist who comes to Azerbaijan represents an investment for the Azerbaijani economy. On average, every tourist spends around $ 800 here, which means that he invests these $ 800 in the Azerbaijani economy,” economic expert Vugar Bayramov told CBC.            

During the second Baku shopping festival, travel companies will be offered special tours. This time the festival will be attended by 167 travel agencies and 15 hotels. The proposed tour packages include air ticket, transfer, insurance, hotel accommodation and organization of shopping tours to the shops involved in the festival. Within the framework of the shopping festival, which lasts until November 15, buyers will be able to purchase clothes of famous brands, electronics, household appliances, furniture, perfumes, cosmetics and other products.



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