Nov 04 2017 19:29
Rustam Abdul-Aliyev
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The next edition of the spectacular musical TV show "Silk Way Star" will be aired this evening. The television show will be broadcast simultaneously in all countries participating in the project. In Azerbaijan, the show is broadcast by the CBC TV channel. The weekly program is aired on Saturdays. During the four editions of the program, the viewers have already become acquainted with participants and even choose their favorite performers.

Azerbaijan is represented by singer Samira Efendi. Head of the Baku Music Factory producer center, composer Isa Malikov and winner of the Eurovision song contest 2011 Eldar Gasimov were members of the panel of judges from Azerbaijan. This time, musician, producer and poetess Zahra Badalbayli acted in the capacity of an impartial jury.

“The voting system keeps both the jury and participants of the contest in suspense a little bit. Each judge may assign eight grades – from 1 to 8. This made it a little difficult for us, because of all the guys are very talented,” said Zahra Badalbayli, a musician, producer and poetess.

The project organizers prepared challenging tasks for the young vocalists during each stage of the contest. According to Zahra Badalbayli, the musical show is exciting but very hard work for the participants.

“They have a very busy rehearsing schedule, given that every time organizers provide them with new songs, which they have to learn in just two to three days. Having learned the song, they go on stage and also perform dancing, and each of the performances is like a theatrical act,” Zahra Badalbayli said.

The fifth edition of the "Silk Way Star TV show will be broadcast on CBC at 10:20 p.m. tonight.

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