Oct 12 2017 10:14
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan has commissioned a new site for oil gathering and transportation. The solemn ceremony of putting the facility into operation took place with the participation of the leading staff of SOCAR, headed by the president of the company Rovnag Abdullayev.

Shahmar Huseynov, head of SOCAR's Absheronneft Oil and Gas Production Department told about the advantages of the tank farm.

“The goal of the new tank park project is to ensure safety, increase production, prevent oil and gas losses, save energy, establish a personnel management system, ensure environmental safety and environmental protection, and automate production,” Shahmar Huseynov said.

In addition to 24 vertical oil storage facilities, there is an administrative building, office premises, a pumping station and several other buildings in the new tank farm of SOCAR. In addition, there is an underground unit, oil separators and two furnaces.

“The system is fully automated. Various separators are used here, which separate oil, gas and sand. After the first cleaning process, the second stage of cleaning begins. Only after that all the received waste is sent for recycling. It is also interesting that the reservoir waters also undergo a process of closed disposal,” Huseynov added.

At present, the operating fund of the wells on the basis of the Absheronneft Oil and Gas Production Department is 539 units. The department is engaged in the development of the Pirallahi, Darwin Bank, Gurgan Deniz, Absheron and West Absheron fields. The foundation of the oil and gas production department of Absheronneft was laid in 1936.





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