Feb 13 2018 15:08
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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At the meeting of the Committee on Political Affairs, Human Rights and Democracy of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly in Tbilisi, the Azerbaijani delegation raised the threats of the Metsamor nuclear power plant in Armenia for the region.

Member of the Azerbaijani Parliament Fuad Muradov said that Metsamor NPP is a serious threat not only to the region, but also to Europe as a whole. He addressed the head of the EU Delegation to Georgia, Vincent Ray, asking him what tools the EU could use for the closure or reconstruction of the station.

 “As you know, the Council of Europe has a statement on the closure of Metsamor NPP. It is noted that this station is a threat to the whole region, especially for Georgia and Azerbaijan. My question is to you, Mr. Vincent Ray. What realistic steps are you going to make in the future? Metsamor NPP also pollutes our atmosphere. Maybe you have some tools, how can we shut down this station? Maybe you have some other plans,” Fuad Muradov said.

Vincent Ray said that although the European Union demands Armenia to close Metsamor NPP, this demand has not yet been met. Co-chair of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, Rebeka Harms, also supported the Azerbaijani delegation's position on Metsamor NPP. The Azerbaijani delegation made a proposal to include the Metsamor NPP into the special report of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.

Head of the Azerbaijani delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, Fuad Muradov, focused on the occupation policy pursued by Armenia against Azerbaijan during the discussion of the report on "Security issues in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and the response of the European Union to these challenges." He noted that all the countries represented in the organization suffer from occupation. Speaking about Turkey's operations in Afrin, Fuad Muradov said the fraternal country was fighting terrorism. He noted that the survivors of the anti-terrorist operations are hiding in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region and some European countries.

 “The problem with the Turkey is that they are now fighting against the terrorism. Many terrorists go to fight against Turkey from unrecognized territories. This is paradise for them. This issue should be reflected in this report. This is not our statistics; this is the statistics of many international organizations.  About the general approach to the situation with the IDPs and refugees. We have IDPs and refugees and we raise this issue. This issue should also be reflected in this report. It is not for deciding something here. We are not in decision making process now. It is an issue for the future. My colleagues from Georgia and Ukraine just partially touched upon this issue. We are here to prevent such kind of problems in the future, to inform our European friends that world is changing rapidly. We are here to add all this concrete issues in this report. If we don’t talk about occupation, so what kind of think we should talk about here? I respect all of my friends here. If we want to be a serious organization, then we should tackle such serious issues,” Fuad Muradov added.

The report on “Security issues in the Eastern Partnership countries and the role of the European Union in these issues" was prepared by the Chairman of the Eurointegration Committee of the Georgian Parliament Tamar Khulordava and the member of the European Parliament Gunnar Hokmark. It is expected that the document will be adopted at the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly meeting in Brussels this July.


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