Feb 11 2019 17:05
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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The tourism sector in Azerbaijan is growing rapidly and is increasingly attracting the attention of foreign tourist organizations. Representatives of international companies who visited Azerbaijan as part of their business activities noted that the country has tremendous potential for further development of the tourism sector.

 “I think that there is a great potential, because you have something to show. Azerbaijan has a very rich and delicious cuisine. The outlook is very good,” Kiril Morunov, CEO of German travel company said.

Experts in tourism recognize that Azerbaijan attracts tourists due to its unique nature, which is not inferior to the best foreign resorts. Unique monuments of ancient architecture also play a role in attracting foreigners into the country. Azerbaijan is gradually turning into the largest tourist center in the region.

The most important indicator of the country's tourist attractiveness is the desire of the tourists to make a return visit. According to experts, Azerbaijan has chosen the right strategy for the development of tourism, the proof of which is a huge leap that has been made in recent years.

“I think that when you come to Baku and walk along the streets you notice the contrast between the new buildings and the old ones. This is my second visit and I am impressed that the city is changing rapidly. When you are not even in the city, tourists constantly see something about Baku in the news. Formula 1, Champions League. Such events always attract people,” Tourist Organization Manager Nikita Helver told CBC.

An important factor in increasing the potential of this sector is also the creation of the necessary infrastructure. For these reasons, Azerbaijan is one of the most successful tourist destinations.




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