Jul 11 2018 20:36
Rustam Abdul-Aliyev
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More than 40 IDP families are preparing to celebrate housewarming in the Gobu Park residential complex. One of these is the Nuriyevs family, which left its home 26 years ago as a result of the occupation of the Fizuli region of Azerbaijan by Armenia. Since then, they lived in the basement of an unfinished maternity hospital in the Narimanov district of Baku. Flora Aslanova suffered the brunt of the life of an internally displaced person, but she never lost hope for the better.

“They came over unexpectedly and gave us the paperwork and documents. At first, we did not understand anything. Then they came back and suggested that we pull out a ticket. So, we did, and it turned out we got a 3-room apartment. So, that’s how we got here,” Flora Aslanova said.

The Nuriyev family consists of five people. They brought only a small number of things to their new home. Flora Aslanova talks with delight about how bright their new apartment is and says that everyone has found a cozy place for themselves here.

“We have spacious rooms. We don’t have a lot of things yet but we’ll buy more. Right now we are recuperating. One of the rooms will be a bedroom for me and our grandchildren, and another one will be my son's room. The other one is the living room where we will rest,” Flora Aslanova said.

Despite the great joy from getting a new apartment, Flora Aslanova cannot forget the Fizuli district. She misses her native land and is ready to go back there any time. She never lost this hope.

A total of 31 families have already been settled in Gobu Park. In the initial stage, 46 families residing in the Narimanov district of the capital are to be moved there. The residential complex, located in the Garadagh district of Baku, comprises 11 nine-storey 2-block buildings. The construction of the complex was financed by entrepreneurs.

Gobu Park is the 98th township built in Azerbaijan for internally displaced persons. All the necessary infrastructure has been created there. The list of people provided with new apartments had been prepared by a special commission in accordance with the legislation. The IDPs have been provided with transportation to move to their new homes at the expense of state funds.

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