Nov 09 2018 11:21
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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The Caspian Policy Center, together with the US Chamber of Commerce and the Embassies of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan, organized the US-Caspian Innovation Summit in Boston, Massachusetts on November 7. The Summit brought together high-level representatives from both the government and the private sector. 

The summit began with opening remarks by the Caspian Policy Center’s Executive Director Efgan Nifti’s speech. He noted that an important issue for the countries in the region is innovation and entrepreneurship. He continued to note that such spirit is key to the economic diversification in the Caspian region, where the majority of the countries are resource rich and keen to develop more sustainable and diversified economies.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to the United States Elin Suleymanov called for close connectivity and cooperation between US companies and companies in Caspian region. He noted recent reforms in Azerbaijan to improve business climate and economic development.

Current Caspian Policy Center Board Member, and former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Robert F Cekuta presented about critical infrastructure in the Caspian Region.

 “I think it will help connect Azerbaijan and United States. One of things that is really important is the economic connection. What we were hearing in the conversation this morning has been how we have innovated in the United States, how Boston went from a city where people were wondering about their future to a model that overseas are looking for to emulate. And I think what is important for Azerbaijanis to be able to come, find out what is going on in Boston, learn about how you innovate and how you support innovation, how government supports innovation, how other innovators, entrepreneurs support each other, and to learn from that, and be able to grow its own economy. I think in that sense; this is a great opportunity. It is really great to see a stronger, ongoing ties between Americans and Azerbaijanis,” Robert Cekuta said.                

The Summit focused on insights and experiences around innovation, processes, startup incentives, and R&D efforts in the Boston area and the Caspian Region. Speakers and panels discussed and assessed industry needs, to identify requirements, timeframes, investment opportunities, and challenges around the building and expanding proper innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Trans-Caspian states.



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