Jul 04 2018 10:23
Turbet Baghirova
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The new leadership of Armenia evokes a negative attitude, well-known Russian journalist and political analyst Maxim Shevchenko said in an interview with CBC. In his opinion, Nikol Pashinyan’s administration will not bring anything good to the Armenian people. The population of this country do not live in the best conditions. And now in the light of the current policy that is being implemented by the government, emigration will grow even more.

“Of course, the Karabakh clan, which has headed Armenia for a long time, became very rich. I have been in Armenia and it is very difficult to describe the poverty that the Armenian people are living in against the backdrop of the wealth of the ruling elite. Armenian peasants work for 20 hours a day and grow apricots, peaches etc. They live in poverty, not in poverty, literally in miserable conditions. They can hardly make their both ends meet,” Maxim Shevchenko said.

Yerevan has witnessed protests against the rises in food prices, electricity, anti-Russia rallies and the April events of this year. The cause for social discontent among the Armenians was huge. And what changes should be expected after the election of a new leadership? According to Russian journalist Maxim Shevchenko, Nikol Pashinyan and his entourage raise many suspicions and official Moscow is well aware of whom he is dealing with and who is pulling the strings.

“We have suspicions in Moscow that this is a coup carried out by the US intelligence agencies under the guise of obvious and logical dissatisfaction, experienced by the Armenian people. To which country are they going to flee? The number of Armenians, who have arrived in Russia in the past few years, exceeds the number of those residing in Russia. For us, this is a matter of migration. Some regions in Russia have simply become Armenia,” Maxim Shevchenko added.

Moscow, as one of the three co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, wants peace in the region and does not want to start the process from scratch. As for the statements and promises voiced by newly appeared Prime Minister, they are simply lofty rhetoric, the Russian journalist highlighted. In fact, this road leads to poverty and bloodshed.



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